What Is Dust?


Dust is a fine, dry material that is made up of tiny particles of organic and inorganic material. This includes fragmented soil, plant matter, volcanic matter, and pollution.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

how does air purifiers work

Air purifiers make your home cleaner by trapping airborne allergens, dust, and germs. They’re a game-changer.

Is An Air Purifier Really Worth It?

buy air purifier

An air purifier is certainly worth it for most people. They can reduce allergies, clean your air and make your home fresher.

What Is An Air Ionizer?

White air ionizer on light background. The concept of taking care of the air in the apartment, taking care of the well being. Air filter.

An ionizer or a “negative ion generator” is a machine that uses high voltage to charge or ionize air molecules electrically.

6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cat Dander


Is your house full of pet dander? We can help! In this guide, we’ll cover 6 easy ways to get rid of pet dander.